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Are you ready for the best natural show in the south?

This year’s results are out!

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Welcome to the Alamo Showdown Classic, an annual event for Natural Bodybuilders, Figure Competitors, Bikini and Physique Beach Bodies.

This INBF Pro Qualifier allows open competitors the opportunity to compete with the best in the world as a WNBF pro. The new “SUM BEACH BODY” division is open to all bikini and physique competitors vying for a chance to win money and a free photo shoot to become Texas’ best beach body!

This competition of showmanship, athletic prowess and overall excellence will be your chance to highlight years of dedicated work as a natural athlete.




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About Miles Stovall

A pioneer in the fitness industry since 1985 and a household name, Miles Stovall became one of San Antonio’s leading personal trainers and competitive fitness athletes.  With an incredible history of bodybuilding championship wins and a fitness background, Miles continues to strive for quality of life and paralleling it with his growing business.

Miles founded the Alamo Showdown Classic in 2004, giving drug free athletes a fair chance to showcase natural muscle. This show is one of Texas’ best, and well run shows today…making sure every athlete is highlighted for their dedication and hard work preparing for this special day.


San Antonio’s own American Gladiator Contender
3x World Natural Bodybuilding Champion
2x American Bodybuilding Champion
Mr. Universe Bodybuilding Champion
International Bodybuilding Champion
World Fitness Champion
Texas State Fitness Champion
Southwest Overall Champion
European Runner-Up